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Recipe For Success

Recipe For Success

You’re either growing or dying, and it’s the same case with your business. It is crucial to understand that in order to grow anything, you need to nurture it and put consistent focus and effort to make it happen.

Exponential business growth doesn’t usually happen overnight, it takes time. However, if you are committed to your vision and the value you bring to the marketplace, the growth will start becoming addictive and you’ll start having unstoppable momentum.

Most importantly, remember the world is abundant! There’s an infinite number of clients you can serve, people you can help and insights you can give.  The businesses that thrive in the long run know this and give a lot of value to the world! New potential clients can smell if you’re genuinely trying to help them or if you want just a quick buck. Be helpful, create win-win scenarios, and grow.

In addition to joining and participating in the Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce, here is another excellent way to bring about growth in your business by starting focusing on reviews and referrals: When you want to book a vacation or buy a product/service, what is usually the first step you take? You search on Google and then you start looking at reviews! That’s because we want to know people have had a good experience with that company before we commit to making a purchase.

This is why having great reviews on your Google business page is very important. It builds trust with potential buyers and it lets Google know you are company that is worth promoting on search. A lot of companies don’t pay enough attention to this and it’s very simple to implement:

  • When your client is really happy, ask them for a 5-star review on your Google business page. To make it easier for them to actually do it, send them a link that goes directly to the review section.   
  • Write out a review in your own words based on what you provided them with that they can easily copy and paste.
  • Send out an email with clear step-by-step instructions to your client with the link and the review they can copy and paste and tell them they can edit the text anyway they want and that you did it to save them time.
  • Boom, many more five-star reviews!
You’ll see that most of the time they will be happy to do it. Sometimes, you may need to follow up. When you start getting in the habit of doing this with your clients, you’ll soon have the top-rated business on Google out of all your competitors in the area. I hope this brief tip added value to you and your business! Remember it is your duty to grow, so you have more to give to the world. Don’t fall into the trap of mediocrity/scarcity that so many people do. As an entrepreneur or future entrepreneur, give attention, focus and unwavering consistency to what you were put on this earth to do and you will be well down the road to success.  Enjoy the journey!

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