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Road Construction and Business Interruption Tactics

Road Construction and Business Interruption Tactics


BLOG 5/16/22 

There is a traditional saying in Minnesota, "Our two seasons are winter and road construction”.  Both can bring hardship and inconvenience to businesses. The current Ramsey County led construction project in Arden Hills and Shoreview on Lexington Ave provides a snapshot of how a major road closing can deliver a blow to any business plan.  However, there is also an opportunity to find some marginal tactics that help minimize the business impacts and expand marketing strategies.  

The TCN Chamber is initiating and recommending a variety of tactical solutions when businesses confront unplanned and planned closing of access to their business.  Below are some select ideas we are sharing with Ramsey County, the Cities of Arden Hills and Shoreview, and with our network.  We hope to use this model and refine it in the future to help businesses during the season of road construction. 

  1. Signal timing and calibration. We are providing through our members feedback to Ramsey County on ways to stimulate and facilitate flow within the corridor of Lexington Ave.  

  1. Signage for detours and access. Ramsey County is updating these signs and is flexible with changes as they are needed to guide more traffic at a faster pace within the corridor and area.  

  1. Working up to six days a week, weather permitting, to open the route as quickly as possible. 

  1. Promotion 

  1. Using newsletters, social media, email, video to encourage residents and guests to continue patronizing businesses. 

  1. Urging the purchase of gift cards to local businesses impacted by the construction 

  1. Suggesting customers visit during off-peak hours of traffic  

  1. Recommending that businesses see how their loyalty programs can provide an opportunity to connect with their guests and inviting them with offers.  

We empathize with our business that are facing these short-term challenges. Look for more actions as we move through this season of business interruption.  

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