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The Latest News on Lexington Avenue

The Latest News on Lexington Avenue

Here is the latest from Ramsey County on the road construction. Please be aware that our plans for marketing continue to evolve and will be shared this month. 

As of the end of next week (November 11) we will have the following items in place:

  • Paved main travel lanes
  • Paved turn lanes (some will be put in as temporary)
  • Curb
  • Signals (some will be temporary)

Next season, we’ll have the following items to complete:

  • Remaining pedestrian curb ramps and other pieces to help folks with physical challenges
  • Trail components of the project
  • Road work between Red Fox Road and I-694
  • Road work between the railroad tracks and County Road E
  • Making temporary work permanent (drainage, signals, turn lanes)

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