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Water The Grass

Water The Grass

Water the Grass 

Chamber Blog – Michael Scholl

 “The grass is always greener….where you water it.”  Maybe this is an old saying that you’ve heard before. For me, when I heard this a couple of years ago,  it resonated. Timing is perfect for this analogy with most of Minnesota being in extreme drought. Think of the Chamber as your watering can and take advantage of the benefits your Chamber has to offer. 

How do we use the Chamber to “water” our business prospects, connections, and community?

Networking Events - The Sprinkler 

Attending a networking event is like turning on the sprinkler in the backyard. Attending one of the Member Connect, or Business COuncil events is a great way to connect with many people quickly, just like a sprinkler watering the grass. Come prepared with your business cards to  follow up with those connections. 

Following Up - The Watering Can

Once you make a great connection at a Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce event, make sure you follow up with an email or even a one on one meeting. This is like taking a watering can to a potted plant, it takes more time and effort, but in order for that flower to bloom you need to put that work in.

Advertise - The Rain 

Place an ad about your business in the monthly newsletter or annual membership directory, or leverage the chamber member distribution lists. Or have the opportunity to be featured on Chamber Check In to talk about what your business is doing for the community. Like a rainstorm, you’ll get a broader audience to see your business and brand when you water the grass this way. 

Get Involved- The River

Get involved with one of our committees or serve on the Board of Directors. These committees are the river, or the lifeblood of our organization to continue to serve the community. Its an excellent way to get to know your fellow chamber members on a much more intimate level or be directly involved in determining chamber policy/goals as an advocate for our business community. I think one of the biggest advantages of committee participation is leadership development.  It’s a great way to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone.


My hope is that each member of this Chamber is taking full advantage of the benefits membership provides.  For more information on how to get involved with the Chamber, message us at to learn how you can “water” the grass.  


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